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Getting in Touch with Us

Please contact Fabrinet using the telephone and emails below.  If you wish to contact our subsidiaries’ VitroComCasix, Fabrinet Japan, or Fabrinet West, please contact them directly.
For general inquiries, use the form below.

Corporate & Investor Relations
Garo Toomajanian
+1 617 383 9299
Business Development Global Contact
Edward Archer
EVP Global Sales and Marketing
+1 650 520 5852
Technology, Manufacturing & Supply Chain
Dr. Harpal Gill
Chief Operating Officer
+662 524 9600
Kevin Camelon
Senior Director of Worldwide Supply Chain
+662 524 9600
Accounts Payable Phiraphong Atsawasuwan +662 524 9600
Embassy of United States Bangkok +662 205 4000 U.S. Embassy Bangkok
Ethics Hotline Click here to make a report

General Inquiries

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